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"your name becomes a kind of floating signifier that people can attach to things that have nothing to do with you” 

Sally Rooney in an interview with Lauren Christensen for The New York Times

The pieces that shape Higo’s annual volumes are named after writers in whose work we marvel. In times of environmental collapse, when clothing should be produced in minimum quantities, with precision and devotion for constructive details; literature art in general offers a space for constant, boundless exploration, a delight we will always be able to devour in frenzy.


Like declarations of love, these blurbs are an attempt to capture something of the mood, the beauty, and the pleasure we find in the writing of these authors, a nod to the inspiration that now lives in the details of our garments. Higo's directory is an invitation to go through our bookshelves. A collection of books written in the margins and marked with fascination; a wonder cabinet of clothes and literature.      

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